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Advisory and Consultancy

Our Islamic Financial Advisory function is to assist Financial Institutions, in developing Islamic banking & finance and Islamic microfinance, and Islamic Insurance substitutes by sharing our international expertise and research. We provide advisory services in all the key areas of Islamic Banking and Finance, Takaful, Islamic Microfinance and Sukuk.

Research & Development

SecureHuda has extensive experience and expertise in developing Shariah-compliant financial products and services. We are a provider of choice to Islamic banking and financial institutions in exploring new markets through specialized field research and market studies. Our prime aim is to enhance the outreach of Islamic financial institutions and to unlock the potential markets of Islamic finance industry in Africa.

Distance Learning

We are collaborating with Nungu Business School to provide the following courses through blended learning method.

  • • Executive Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance (9 months)
  • • Certified Takaful Professional (05 Months)
  • • Certified Sukuk Professionals (05 Months)
  • • Certified Islamic Microfinance Manager (05 Months)
  • • Certified Islamic Fund Manager (05 Months)

Nungu Business School courses are very prevalent in Africa, they are quite adaptable and robust. The Shariah compliant takes cognisance of the schools of thought across of Africa.

Capacity Building and Trainings

SecureHuda offers various trainings and capacity buildings programs which facilitate individuals and professionals to advance their expertise in Islamic banking and finance. Our stance in this field is recognized, our faculties have had trainings in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia.


We are proud to present the Ethic Finance Magazine (Quarterly), Islamic Microfinance News (Online). This publications provide latest and updated national and African news on Islamic Banking and Finance. We hope to have more than 150,000 bulletins and over two million of readerships of our publications are around Africa.


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