Strategic partner

Working together for success, we are committed to establishing strategic alliances with well reputed organizations interested in working in the Islamic financial sector by offering services such as Training, Education, Awareness, Promotion, Product Development, Advisory and Publications on Islamic Banking and Finance. Strategic Partners have the vision and capability to combine their expertise to deliver high-value, comprehensive and timely services.

Who work with us

Reputable and experienced organizations in the services sector especially in consultancy, research, financial and educational institutes, to introduce and promote our services in their region as strategic partner with shared benefits.

Benefits of partnership

We are poised to establish extensive, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. Contact



Students from across of Africa are welcome as Internship candidate to enrich their knowledge with practical Skills. For those interested in internship please send your CV to .


Volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain. People also volunteer to gain skills without requiring an employer's financial investment. Volunteering takes many forms and is performed by a wide range of people.

Why volunteer?

Being a volunteer is so much more than giving a helping hand, it is being there and making a difference to people's lives. Volunteering is a great way to get to know your community, to share experiences with people you may not normally meet and improve your social, organizational and communication skills. Do you know someone who would like to get involved?

We are always interested in hearing from people who have some time and skills they would like to share with the team. We are based in Lagos - Nigeia, most of the opportunities will be for those based in Lagos - Nigeria; however there are ways you can help if you are based elsewhere in Africa. All you need is access to the internet and an email address.

Responsibilities of Volunteers:

Disseminate the Concept of Islamic Finance in respective areas.

Introduction of SecureHuda publications, Training and Distance Learning Programs in respective regions.

Introduce the Islamic Banking & Finance services using Internet/Blogs/Groups etc.
If you are interested in any of the above, please send your CV to: